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Cooling Improvements

Cooling Improvements GM 6.5 Truck

1994 - 2000 GM 6.5L Turbo Diesel trucks have injection pump troubles, and sometimes only the Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) is a problem. The PMD is mounted on the side of the Stanadyne DS Model injection pump. A common problem, is the truck shuts off while driving, however it restarts after the cool down period. The heat retention around the diesel injection pump and the PMD can cause failure of the PMD.

The solution is a bolt on solid aluminum heat sink known as a PMD Cooler so heat is properly dissipated from the PMD.

The cooler is available by itself, or with a new PMD installed on the Cooler. If you want us to do the dirty work, drive in service is available at our Mississauga and Kitchener shops. To pick one up call the location nearest you.




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